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Mo Bus Route 83 Via 42 Mouza Dhabaleswar to Kandarpur

After the Very New Italanga Village Newly built Coaltar Road , the Mo Bus Services to the 42 Mouza Region is a happiest News, For Commuters.  From  8th June the Mo Bus Services Starts with the Route no 83. Below is the Listed Bus Stops of Route 83. and It goes via 42 Mouza through Jhinkiria, Berhampur, Sriram Market,Dadhibamanpur, Bentkar, Kantunia, Govindpur Market, Dahi Gaon, Deuli, Kalapada Market, Kulasarichuan, Kula kalapada, Baral, Nilakanthanatha Road, Baral Laxminarayan Temple, Chanduli Bridge, Athana to Kandarpur College and Finally Kandarpur . Also Check out Full Mo Bus Routes and Timings  - All Other Routes Check the Mo Bus Ticket Fare and Route Timings for Bhubaneswar to Puri Ratha Yatra Special  Also Check out Full Mo Bus Routes and Timings  For the Mo Bus Route 83 you can See the Tabular List of Bus Stops starting from Dhabaleswar to Kandarpur with the Starting Bus Times Respectively. The Live and Latest Updated Timing Bus Stop Sheet Click here to Download The Full Route