Mo Bus Satapada Bhubaneswar Route Map and Timetable

From July 1st 2023, Mo Bus Service started to Satapada Puri District from Bhubaneswar. 

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Two Mo Bus Routes to Satapada Puri from Bhubaneswar.

  1. Mo Bus Route No 60 : Bhubaneswar Railway Station To Satapada Via Brahmagiri
  2. Mo Bus Route No 61 : Baramunda ISBT to Satapada Via Brahmagiri.

Download Satapada to Bhubaneswar Mo Bus Route Map
Download the Complete Mo Bus Routes 60 and 61, Which Runs between Bhubaneswar to Satapada Puri for Reference

See the Comparative Mo Bus Route Map Of Both Route no 60 as Well as Mo Bus Route No 61 - As Both are Between Bhubaneswar and Satapada, Puri Via Brahmagiri.

MoBus Route 60 & 61 Satapada Puri to Bhubaneswar
MoBus Route 60 & 61 Bhubaneswar to Satapada Puri via Brahmagiri

Time Table for Mo Bus Route No 60 and Mo Bus Route No 61 From Bhubaneswar to Satapada Puri.

MoBus Route 60 & 61 Satapada to Bhubaneswar Time Table
MoBus Route 60 & 61 Satapada to Bhubaneswar Time Table  

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Exciting news for the residents and visitors of Satapada and Bhubaneswar! 

A newly launched bus service called "Mo Bus" has now connected these two vibrant destinations through its innovative routes, numbered 60 and 61.

This remarkable development is set to revolutionize transportation in the region and unlock a plethora of benefits for both locals and tourists alike.

Located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Puri, Satapada on Chilika Lake is a captivating destination known for its pristine beauty and unique offerings. 

The name "Satapada" translates to "group of seven villages" in the local language, with "sata" meaning "seven" and "pada" meaning "village." Situated on the southern part of Chilika Lake, Satapada serves as the northeast cape connecting the mesmerizing Chilika Lake with the Bay of Bengal.

One of the major attractions of Satapada is the presence of the magnificent Irrawaddy Dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris). Here, visitors can witness these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat, offering an awe-inspiring experience. The region also provides ample opportunities for activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and boating, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings. 

A small island called Rajahamsa, named after the mute swan, Rajahamsa, is situated near Satapada at the mouth of the lagoon. This island, located 18 kilometers away, is a unique strip of land with one side facing the lagoon and the other side facing the Bay of Bengal.

While migratory birds are not a frequent sight in Satapada, nature enthusiasts can venture to the nearby Nalabana Bird Sanctuary, which houses several varieties of migratory birds. To reach Nalabana, one must embark on a boat journey that takes approximately four hours from Satapada. The sanctuary offers an incredible opportunity to observe and appreciate the diverse avian species in their natural habitat.

With the introduction of the Mo Bus service between Satapada and Bhubaneswar, exploring the charm of Satapada has become even more accessible and convenient. Travelers can now easily embark on a journey from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, and reach Satapada hassle-free. The well-planned routes 60 and 61 of the Mo Bus service cater to the specific needs of the local population, ensuring a comfortable and efficient commute for both daily travelers and tourists.

The significance of this new bus service extends beyond convenience. It presents a multitude of benefits for the region's residents and visitors. The enhanced tourism experience allows tourists to seamlessly access Satapada's natural wonders, including Chilika Lake and the enchanting Irrawaddy Dolphin Sanctuary. This ease of travel is expected to boost tourism in the region, supporting local businesses and contributing to economic growth.

Moreover, the Mo Bus service also caters to the needs of daily commuters, including students, office-goers, and residents traveling for work or education. The reliable and affordable transportation provided by the bus service eases the daily commute, reducing travel time and enhancing convenience.

By promoting sustainable mobility, the Mo Bus service encourages a greener environment by reducing reliance on private vehicles and mitigating traffic congestion. This commitment to sustainability ensures a better future for the region and promotes eco-friendly practices.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Mo Bus service strengthens social and economic development. It fosters cultural exchange and connectivity, connecting communities and generating employment opportunities. The increased accessibility and convenience of travel inspire people to explore new places, engage in local businesses, and contribute to

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