[UPDATED] Cuttack to Puri Mo Bus Route No 54 , 58, 59

This is a great Start for the Cuttack to Jaganath Puri Direct Bus Service by Mo Bus, with Route no 54.

From July 1st 2023, MOBUS Service from Cuttack to Puri Added two New Routes apart from the existing Route No 54:

  1. Route No 58 and
  2. Route No 59  (see the Details Below)

1. Cuttack - Puri - Cuttack Mo Bus Route Map no 54

The Route Covers most of Cuttack From NLU, Ravenshaw University - Mahanadi Campus, Biju Patnaik Park , Cuttack , CDA, Badambadi, Aurunodoya Market , Link Road, Balikuda, Pratap Nagari , and goes through Puri Bypass Road - Pipili - Sakhigopal and to Finally Reach Puri.,

New Mo Bus Route no 54 Map Extended to NLU Cuttack

This Service is a great Help for the People of Cuttack and Puri. 

Also see : Ratha Yatra Mo Bus Special Service (42m.in)

From July 2023 MO BUS to Satapada, Puri  Started from Bhubaneswar: Check out here 

The Old Route Map of  Mo Bus Route No 54 as Below: ( From March 15th , 2024 ) the Updated Route map is Published Above.

Mo Bus Route 54 Old map
Mo Bus Route Map 54 Cuttack to Puri

Check out these Mo Bus Routes

Mo Bus With Passengers

Please See the Complete Route Map Below and Download the Details as per your requirement.
2 Jagatpur Cuttack to Puri MO BUS Route No 58

3. Mahanadi Vihar Cuttack to Puri MO BUS Route No 59

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[UPDATED] Cuttack to Puri Mo Bus Route No 54 , 58, 59 (42m.in)

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