Jagannath Express Bus Service - Guide

Discover the Divine Journey: Your Guide to Jagannath Puri with the Shree Jagannath Express Bus Service

Embark on a spiritual voyage with the newly launched Shree Jagannath Express bus service by the visionary Chief Minister, Shri Naveen Patnaik. This luxury Volvo bus service is designed to seamlessly connect 30 districts of Odisha to the sacred town of Puri, making your pilgrimage or visit to the historic Jagannath Temple a comfortable and memorable experience.

Jaganath Express Bus to Puri , Odisha by Naveen Pattnaik
Why the Jagannath Express Volvo Buses?

The Shree Jagannath Express bus service, operating under the Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LAccMI), was initiated by the Odisha state government to ensure hassle-free transportation for individuals across the state to the divine town of Puri. 

The main objective is to facilitate a smooth 'Darshan' of the revered deities—Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra, and Lord Jagannath—in the iconic 12th-century shrine in Puri.

Chief Minister Patnaik emphasizes the government's commitment to preserving and promoting Jagannath culture through various measures, including this express bus service. 

This initiative is a vital part of the state government’s strategy to accommodate around 10,000 individuals daily for a month, allowing them to explore the Rs 800-crore heritage corridor, Srimandir Parikrama Prakalpa, encircling the Jagannath Temple.

Luxury on Wheels: Shree Jagannath Express Volvo Bus Features

Get ready for a plush ride in the Volvo 9600 multi-axle buses known for their comfort. With semi-sleeper seats in a 2+2 layout, these buses ensure a relaxing journey. To add to your comfort, enjoy amenities like charging points, reading lights, CCTV for security, emergency contact numbers, and live bus tracking.

Safety is a top priority, with features such as seat belts for all passengers, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and rear-view cameras for drivers.

Exploring the Divine Routes

Currently, the Shree Jagannath Express buses operate from 12 district headquarters on 15 routes, including Malkangiri – Puri, Keonjhar – Puri, and Jeypore – Puri. These routes cover districts like Balangir, Bargarh, Ganjam, Jharsuguda, Koraput, Kalahandi, Malkangir, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Rayagada, Sambalpur, and Sundargarh.

For a detailed list of routes and districts covered, refer to the comprehensive route guide provided below.

Journeying with Jagannath Express: Ticket Prices and Discounts

Ticket prices for the Shree Jagannath Express buses vary based on the route. For example, the ticket price from Bhanjanagar to Puri is Rs 769, and the Jharsuguda to Puri route is priced at Rs 1066. Additionally, Chief Minister Patnaik has announced a generous 50% ticket discount for women using the Jagannath Express buses.

Jaganath Express Bus Timings (1st Phase)  

For a complete rundown of ticket prices, please refer to the detailed list provided.

On the Clock: Shree Jagannath Express Volvo Bus Timetable

Plan your journey with ease using the Shree Jagannath Express Volvo bus timetable. Whether you're starting from Balangir or Sundargarh, the timetable provides you with departure and arrival times, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

Booking Your Divine Ride: Online Booking Made Easy

Booking your seat on the Shree Jagannath Express is a breeze. Utilize OSRTC's official mobile app, available for download on Android devices. Experience the convenience of online booking from the comfort of your home.

Need Assistance? OSRTC Helpline is Here for You

For any assistance related to OSRTC online booking, you can contact their helpline at 9513508001 or reach out via email at helpdesk@busindia.com. In case of complaints, you can easily register them by raising a ticket through their online platform.

Embark on a divine journey with Shree Jagannath Express and let the serene vibes of Puri enchant you. Happy travels!

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