Bus Ticket Prices from Mumbai to Pune (2024)

Unlocking Mumbai to Pune Bus Ticket Prices: Your Complete Guide to Affordable Travel

Are you planning a trip from Mumbai to Pune and wondering about the bus ticket prices? Look no further! 

Here's everything you need to know about the latest bus ticket prices for this popular route as of February 2024.

Mumbai Pune Bus Fare , Route and Stops  in 2024

The cost of bus tickets from Mumbai to Pune can vary depending on several factors, including the day of the week and the demand for travel on specific dates. 

Typically, prices fluctuate between Rs 390 to Rs 1000. Weekends tend to see a slight increase in fares due to higher demand.

To provide you with accurate pricing information, we've gathered data from renowned online bus ticketing platforms like RedBus, Goibibo, and MSRTC. 

These platforms offer a convenient way to book your bus tickets hassle-free.

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Mumbai to Pune Bus Fare:

The Mumbai to Pune bus fare is quite reasonable, catering to various budget preferences. On average, the fare can range from INR 180 to INR 1100 per head. 

This wide range ensures that travelers can find a suitable option based on their budget and preferences.

When booking online through RedBus, travelers can explore different bus types and avail of discounts using coupon codes. This platform offers a seamless booking experience, making it convenient for travelers to plan their journey from Mumbai to Pune.

MSRTC Shivneri Bus:

For those opting for MSRTC Shivneri buses, the minimum ticket fare is INR 390.00, while the maximum fare is INR 615.00. 

These buses provide a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation between Mumbai and Pune, ensuring a smooth journey for passengers.

In conclusion, whether you're traveling for business or leisure, exploring the bustling city of Mumbai or experiencing the charm of Pune, booking a bus ticket is now easier than ever. With a range of options available and convenient online booking platforms, embark on your journey with ease and comfort.

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