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2013 Metric(10th H.S.C) Toppers of 42 Mauza

2Sweta AcharyaBentkar High SchoolBentkar539
3Swati Ranjan  BeheraKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan525
4Kundan MoharanaParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur518
5Payal PriyadarshiniKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan512
6Arun  Kumar TripathyBentkar High SchoolBentkar512
7Hrusikesh BarikBentkar High SchoolBentkar511
8Priyanka SinghKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan505
9Sumitra KhatuaBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli504
10Smruti Ranjan SwainKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan501
11Abhijit TripathyParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur459
12Jyotsna Priya MuduliParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur494
13Supriya SwainParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur487
14Sudhabrata AcharyaBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli486
15Abhisek SahooBentkar High SchoolBentkar486
16Samprita RathBentkar High SchoolBentkar486
17Sisir Kumar BeheraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur470
18Priyajeet BeheraKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan469
19Subhakanta PatiBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli468
20Susmita SwainKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan466
21Niharaka SahooParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur461
22Pitamber muduliParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur459
23Asutosh Mahaprashad SahooBentkar High SchoolBentkar458
24Surya Narayana DashBentkar High SchoolBentkar458
25Rabin SasmalM.S.N.N.BidyapithaBaral456
26Surabhi SwainParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur453
27Chitta Ranjan SwainSaraswati Sisu MandiraBentkar453
28Swagata Susovan DalaiBentkar High SchoolBentkar452
29Sumanta BagBentkar High SchoolBentkar451
30Bikash Ranjan SahooParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur450
31Abhilipsa SwainBentkar High SchoolBentkar447
32Subhasrhree SwainParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur439
33Ranjit PradhanKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan437
34Manoranjan BhoiBentkar High SchoolBentkar435
35Satyajit BholaBentkar High SchoolBentkar433
36Subhalaxmi choudhuryBentkar High SchoolBentkar430
37Pritee NayakKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan428
38Karan BeheraBentkar High SchoolBentkar427
39Kaliprashad DasBentkar High SchoolBentkar427
40Rajesh BeheraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur426
41Padmanav BeheraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur423
42Rupali BeheraM.S.N.N.BidyapithaBaral421
43Nitisha OjhaParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur419
44Sandhyarani SahooParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur418
45Sandeep NayakKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan418
46Padmalochan MoharanaBentkar High SchoolBentkar417
47Sangeeta SwainBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli415
48Sanjaya Muduli Balunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli415
49Krushna CH. PanchayatSaraswati Sisu MandiraBentkar414
50Prasun ku.MohapatraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur414
51Pujarani ParidaSri Aurobindo Institute of Integral EducationKalapada410
52Subhani JenaM.S.N.N.BidyapithaBaral409
53Rupali ParidaSri Aurobindo Institute of Integral EducationKalapada408
54Jayashree PaniSaraswati Sisu MandiraBentkar426
55Anish ku. MohapatraKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan401
56Anjali PandaBentkar High SchoolBentkar401
57Aniska ChoudhuryKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan398
58Silpa Subhashree pandaBentkar High SchoolBentkar396
59Debjanee AcharyaBentkar High SchoolBentkar392
60Sagar ku. SahooBentkar High SchoolBentkar392
61Jasmin BegumBentkar High SchoolBentkar392
62Swapnarekha SwainBentkar High SchoolBentkar391
63Sunil Ku. SahooSaraswati Sisu MandiraBentkar391
64Subhasish MohapatraSri Aurobindo Institute of Integral EducationKalapada390
65Jitu BeheraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur389
66Rasmiranjan BeuraBentkar High SchoolBentkar388
67Mousumi PalaiParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur386
68Subhasini PatiParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur385
69Satyajit RoutParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur382
70Sipra  PradhanKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan381
71Sunil MuduliBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli377
72Pravasini SethyBentkar High SchoolBentkar376
73Sourav ParidaM.S.N.N.BidyapithaBaral376
74Niroj Kumar PatiBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli375
75Rakesh Ranjan PattnikKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan375
76Jakesh KumarJenaKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan374
77Priyadarsini Das BeBentkar High SchoolBentkar374
78S.K. MustakimBentkar High SchoolBentkar370
79Jagannath SahooParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur370
80Janak SahooParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur370
81Kajal MohapatraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur369
82Souvagya MohantyBentkar High SchoolBentkar369
83Swadhin PradhanSri Aurobindo Institute of Integral EducationKalapada366
84Prahallad SahooParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur364
85Prahallad BeheraM.S.N.N.BidyapithaBaral364
86Abhijit PradhanSri Aurobindo Institute of Integral EducationKalapada363
87Sisir Kumar BeheraParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur363
88Monalisha MusUliBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli363
89Bikash BhoiBalunkeswar BidyapithaDeuli360
90Sanjaya BhoiBentkar High SchoolBentkar360
91Chuinarani JenaKulasarichuan High SchoolKulasarichuan360
92Anita MoharanaParbati VidyapithaDadhibamanpur360

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